Space 10

I´ve been curious about Space 10 since the day my friend and Ikeas concept innovation manager Göran Nilsson told us about this new hub in Copenhagen. The idea and mission is to investigate the future of urban living through a series of labs. This 1000 square metre creative lab is open to the public and you can check out the program here.


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Apartment love

Designed by renown Israeli architect Gidi Bar Orian, this loft inspired apartment has so many nice details and I love how the materials mark the line between rooms instead of doors and how the raw meets the sleak stoarge for example. And yes, they have a Vipp kitchen to die for.

Est-Magazine-TelAviv-LivingroomEst-Magazine-Tel-Aviv-Kitchen8Est-Magazine-Tel-Aviv-Kitchen3Est-Magazine-Tel-Aviv-Living4Est-Magazine-Tel-Aviv-Living2Est-Magazine-Tel-Aviv-HallwayEst-Magazine-Tel-Aviv-BathroomEst-Magazine-Tel-Aviv-Bathroom4 Est_Magazine

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Just in time for the darker months and Christmas Bent Hansen releases a new candleholder in cast iron. Adamant, that means ”rockhard and unbendable”, comes in either black or like this, steal.


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The timber age

I read a very interesting article in about wood and architecture. Apart from being a sustainable material new types of engineered timber that is considerably stronger and more stable than regular wood are allowing architects to build bigger and higher.  Some architect even proclaim us entereing ”the timber age” due to it´s qualities and speed of construction. In Sweden Folkhem are planning 18 housings in solid wood where my dear friend Petra Gipp has created two of them.

The-Cube_Hawkins-Brown_Hackney_London_Housing-cross-laminated-timber_dezeen_936_sqb Waugh-Thistleton_Curtain-Road_dezeen_936_0

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Hello Weekend

This weekend calls for rest and recreation since I´m still in jetlag mode so tomorrow morning I´ll go hunting. On a hunt one can sit still for hours just listening to the leaves falling and the wind blowing and if you´re really, really lucky a roe deer, fox or wild boar will slow and unaware of your presence pass you by. Sitting still like that and tuning in to nature is like meditation, but a lot colder!  Wish you all a lovely weekend!


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Kinfolk Home

Back from US and the Mid West that I´ve become to love. So many things happening, beautiful kind people and some good shopping. Was shown a great bookshop on our last day and were very happy to lay my hands on the last Kinfolk Home! It really is inspirational.

kinfolk_home TheKinfolkHome_ProductOpen-11-693x496


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Vacation time

10 days in the US, burgers, American Football and some inspiration – take care!


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Kvänum News

Had a meeting with Kvänum today and was told about their latest news that has got some really nice new details, such as a low plinth, wooden moldings and graceful pillars between the cabinets. Looking forward to see it live in a couple of weeks. I really love their craftmanship!

IntroAlm_Press_009-669x1004 IntroAlm_Press_008-669x446 IntroAlm_Press_003-669x446



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Mia E Göransson

Despite my love for ceramics I have, for some mysterious reson, never been to Gustavsberg where Mia E Göransson has her studio. But after seeing these pictures at Ems Designblog I know I just have to next time I´m in Stockholm! I adore her shapes and forms and maybe our mutual love for nature is why the artobjects speak to me?


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Pinch design

I have a crush on Pinch Designs furniture; The simplicity, the shapes, the materials, they are so, so beautiful and I would love to have it all! Check out their website and be prepared to fall in love.

Noelle_sofa pinch_designpinch_design_2pinch_design_001

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